Organika is a premium nature-based vodka from Poland that inspires to honor and to give back to the earth. Organika supports sustainable practices and contributes to the preservation of the Amur Tigers and other endangered rare species.

Sagan Dalya

Sagan Dalya means life-giving. It is a rare plant found and hand-harvested in pristine mountain areas. Sagan Dalya is a natural energetic botanical and aphrodisiac.

Larch Extract

Larch is a frost-hardy evergreen tree. Natural bioflavonoids extracted from it have a high antioxidant capacity.

100% Organic Grain Spirit

Smooth and pure wheat grain spirit produced in Poland from organic raw material containing no GMOs and chemical fertilizers


Organika is constantly innovating towards sustainable business development and supports environmental protection initiatives

Social Responsibility

As an official partner of the WWF and the Amur Tiger Center, we donate over 1% of our turnover to animal charity

Organika Awards

Double Gold is the highest award at the SIP AWARDS. Organika vodka received Gold in both open and blind tastings.

Double Gold is the highest award at the SFWSC competition, which is awarded after the unanimous choice of the judges. 40 experts of the alcohol business gave Organika Life gold in a blind tasting.

Gold is the highest award for design in one of the most respected alcoholic beverages competitions in the world - San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Organika and Organika Life received Blue Lifestyle Gold Medal and Seal of Approval.